Tesco £60 Shop For £15


How to get a Tesco £60 shop for £15 – Excluding delivery charge

If you have followed my page from day one then you will remember this, if not, you’re in for a treat!

Please read this in full before attempting to place an order.

  1. Go to Tesco and create a new account (this only works for new customers)
  2. Once signed up, book a delivery or collecting slot.
  3. Go to ‘special offers’ tab then to ‘half price’
  4. When you are in the half price section, you need to filter all the offers to look for ONLY those going half price the NEXT DAY. This is where the glitch works so I can’t say that enough, only order items that are going half price the NEXT DAY.
  5. To filter, you need to use the search feature in your browser. Search for the word TOMORROW. If there are any offers going half price tomorrow, they will be highlighted. These are the ones you want to add into your basket.
  6. If you cant find the word TOMORROW on the page, then it means there is nothing going half price the next day. There is usually one large switch over a month of half price items, this is the best time to do this. A Tuesday and Wednesday and usually good days too. This doesn’t tend to work on weekends.
  7. Now, you want to add £60 worth of TOMORROW offers into your basket. I love it when there is soap powder half price because I bulk buy, where else could you get £60 worth of soap powder for £15?
  8. Once you have £60 worth of items in your basket that are going half price the NEXT DAY you are ready to check out. Go to the payment page but before you input your card details, scroll to the bottom of the page so you can put your voucher code in.
  9. One of these voucher codes will give you £15 off a £60 spend. I have put a few here so you can try them all as some may become invalid as they can only be used a certain number of times each. XXRHFL, XXMMHH, XXKJGK, XXMMM7.
  10. Once a voucher code is accepted, it will take your basket total from £60 to £45 (Plus your delivery charge)
  11. You can now enter your payment details and checkout. you will NOT be charged tonight – they take a £2 ghost payment out of your account tonight to ensure you have money in your account, but you won’t be charged for your shopping until it has been scanned the next day.
  12. Tomorrow when your shopping is picked and scanned it will now be half price. You will have £60 worth of items for £30.
  13. Now the store will apply your discount code and it will bring that £30 total to £15.
  14. Then your delivery charge will be added on.
  15. We all did this for months this time last year before they caught on and stopped it, we could only get the shopping for £30.
  16. I gave this a try a few weeks ago and noticed it was working again. I got a friend to try it from a different area and it also worked for him too so it looks as if it is back up and running.
  17. The worst that will happen is you will pay £30 for a £60 shop.
  18. Some people ask what the point is in this as you could get it half price in store the next day anyway. But this way, you get an extra £15 off with your coupon too (as the coupon is only valid if you spend £60 or more)
  19. If it doesn’t work and you are charged £30 and you don’t want it after all, you can just send the driver away with it. You can just say that it’s not the correct price and they have to take it back.

Also, Check out my Free Coupon Page here, as there may be some Tesco money off coupons available from time to time. making your shopping even cheaper 🙂

You can click here to start your shop

See photos below for help and proof it worked…

This shop cost me £16.90 £15 for the shopping, £1 for the delivery charge and 90p for some milk that wasn’t part of the offer.


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  1. Hi Ashleigh i love your page i always look on it on a daily basis just to see whats on offer i love to see young people like yourself comming up with these great offers wish you and your wee family the best of luck and thanks for helping other people out

  2. hi ash im a bit confused lol i have a tesco account linked with my clubcard but ive never ordered online so i take it this may work? How do you and others i read keep doing this do if you have to have a new account everytime as soon as you put your clubcard number in it says your registered as i tried to open a new one with a new email address? cheers hun x

  3. Ah bummer didn’t work for me. The order came and cost the £30 worth a note saying we couldn’t take the £15 off because you haven’t spent £60!! Maybe they’ve wised up?

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