Tesco caught up in doll race row

Tesco caught up in doll race row

Tesco have made the headlines for the wrong reasons this week after they caused outrage by selling black Baby Born dolls cheaper than white ones.

The Sun says: ‘Both toys – made by toymaker Zapf Creation for kids aged three to five – are the same size and come with accessories including a plate, spoon, nappy and potty. The only difference is the doll’s skin colour.

The sets are identical except for the colour of the family, with each consisting of two parent figures, two children and a baby.


Tesco have also blamed the discrepancies on pricing errors and said the dolls are now available at the same cost.

Shopper Zoe Scaife was shocked when she spotted the price differences in the toys when she visited the Sheffield branch.

She tweeted: “Not sure this pricing is socially acceptable in 2015.”

CLICK HERE to read the full article over on The Sun’s website.

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