Tesco causes outrage scrapping £4,000 of these goods.

Tesco causes outrage scrapping £4,000 of these goods.

You may have noticed some outrage on social media today as it has been revealed that supermarket top dog Tesco has been caught scrapping £4,000 worth of unsold bikes.

This may have gone unnoticed if it wasn’t for an agency driver noticing the skip full of cycles, including children’s bikes and BMXs, at the Tesco Extra in Stretford. Some of them were even still in their boxes.

As you can imagine, lots of people are disgusted that the store didn’t offer the bikes to charity, or somewhere where they could be put to good use so close to Christmas. 

The delivery Driver told ITV News: ‘There are people out there struggling to make ends meet and Tesco are getting away with throwing these bikes away.

I don’t know how they can do business that way. How can they look people in the eye when people are struggling and they’re throwing away bikes coming up to Christmas?

I counted at least 24 bicycles – perhaps £4,000 worth of stock. There are people that restore old bikes. There are orphanages, old people’s homes, even their own employees who could take them home for their families.’

Tesco have since apologised and emphasised their work with FlareShare and FoodClous to donate food to local charities and community groups at the end of each day.

CLICK HERE to find out what freebies Tesco are giving to children to encourage them to eat healthy.


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