Tesco giving freebies to children to encourage healthy eating!

Tesco giving freebies to children to encourage healthy eating!

The battle to try and get children to eat healthier is ongoing. However, after a successful trial in a number of Tesco stores, they will be doing their bit by offering free fruit to children when they shop in store.

Parents everywhere are praising the scheme and will now be pleased to hear it will be rolled out around 800 Tesco stores in the UK.


The note reads

‘Hi Parents, Please feel free to take a piece of fruit on us for your children to eat whilst you shop. We would like to encourage healthy eating and make your shopping trip that bit easier. Enjoy your day and thank you for shopping at Tesco!!’

The image posted by shopper Vicci Skinn has since managed to go viral with the majority of shares being from parents praising the store.
What do you think of this scheme? Personally I love it! My local Tesco was one of the stores it was trialled in and my children loved choosing a piece of fruit on their way into the store – they always enjoyed the fruit and we would more fruit while in store.


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