Tesco Has Released A NEW Rekorderlig Flavour!
three botanical bottles

Oh my days- Parma Violet Cider has arrived! Along with grapefruit and rosemary, peach and basil, and rhubarb, lemon, and mint flavours, Rekorderlig has released Parma Violet cider just in time for summer!

The Parma Violet flavour is actually called Blackberry- Violet- Juniper, but with it’s beautiful colouring and distinct taste, the comparisons to parma violet sweets are obvious.  This cider is part of the Rekorderlig Botanicals range, which are currently exclusive to Tesco, on the £5.25 for 3 deal here.

pink rekorderlig cider bottle

A Rekorderlig spokesperson offered these serving suggestions for the new Botanicals range:

“Rhubarb-Lemon-Mint offers a distinct sweet flavour with a citrus and fresh mint twist, delivering a cleansing taste… for the perfect serve, enjoy over ice with a sprig of mint and a squeeze of lime.”

“Peach-Basil offers a subtle tangy flavour created through a deep peach fragrance complimented by hints of light basil. Best served over ice, with a sprig of basil and a wedge of lemon…”

and try Grapefruit-Rosemary for a perfect balance of mild, citrus notes combined with aromatic rosemary. Enjoy ice cold with a sprig of rosemary for the perfect serve.”

The cider is 4% ABV, is gluten free and vegan friendly.

Will you be picking up some of these for this summer’s barbecue? Let us know in the comments!

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