Tesco humiliate customer trying to buy alcohol

Tesco humiliate customer trying to buy alcohol

Tesco refused to sell woman alcohol due to her scars.

21 year old Becci Wain from Cambridge visited Tesco to buy a bottle of champagne for her friend’s birthday present when a cashier spotted her six-month-old scars from where she previously self-harmed. The cashier refused to sell Becci the alcohol despite Becci showing her ID.

Tesco apparently told her this was the supermarket’s policy regarding scars however when she later contacted head office about the incident she was told no such policy existed.

Becci said: “The bottle of champagne was for my friend’s birthday and clearly wasn’t for me as I was buying it with a bottle bag and birthday card. I showed my ID but then the checkout woman looked at me and said, ‘Are you sure you’re allowed that with those scars on your arms?

She said she didn’t want to serve it to me. There were three other customers behind me and it was so humiliating.

I asked to see the supervisor and I was made to stand there waiting.

The supervisor looked really worried and said that it was Tesco policy to refuse the sale because of my scars. But I think he could see it was a present and said it was fine to serve me.

Tesco humiliate customer trying to buy alcohol

The whole experience was so embarrassing. I haven’t self-harmed for six months now and my parents have paid for me to have therapy.

I am in a strong place now, so for someone to dismiss my scars and suggest I am still mentally unstable is disgusting. I have worked so hard on it, but they assumed I still had a major issue.

Me and my friends meet up in the pub once a week together for a few drinks and I’ve never been refused alcohol there. It’s never been a big deal before.

The most worrying thing is this could lead to someone feeling even worse.

Tesco humiliate customer trying to buy alcohol

Self-harm is like an addiction – if someone points out that you have scars, you might dwell on it to the point where it becomes an issue again. It didn’t trigger me, thankfully.”

Becci decided that she would contact Tesco directly and said “I went back home and spoke to someone in HR and asked them about the so-called policy. He said it definitely wasn’t a policy of theirs to refuse service for that reason.

“He gave me a transcript of our conversation for me to take into the store. I asked for the manager but he couldn’t come and see me at the time, which was even more upsetting.

“I would ideally like a formal apology from the member of staff. I am not blaming Tesco, just individuals without the right training.

“I want there to be a massive change in training. Staff need more sensitivity and should know how to deal with things like that. It can be humiliating and triggering for people otherwise.”

Tesco confirmed that there was no policy in place advising staff to refuse the sale of alcohol to customers with visible scars.

A Tesco spokesman said: “All our store colleagues are trained in the responsible selling of alcohol, but we recognise an error has been made in this instance. We’re pleased Ms Wain has accepted our apology and will continue to shop with us.”

If you need ay help with self harming, visit www.selfharm.co.uk

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