Test Products And Keep Them, For Free!

Want to test products and keep them, for free!

Ok, I bet half of you are thinking ‘Yeah right, what’s the catch?’

Well, there isn’t one!!

There are so many websites out there that promise you this and they are more than likely a scam, but I know of 3 fantastic schemes that do give you products to try for free.

The first is Bzzagent

I have been a ‘Bzzagent’ for around a two now. You sign up, answer the questions about your lifestyle and shopping habits. Bzzagent have so many retailers signed up with them so when a retailer gives Bzzagent some products they want testing, if your lifestyle answers match what the retailer is looking for then you will be emailed and invited to the product. It can take a while, when I joined up I had a ‘campaign’ (a campaign is simply testing the products) within a fortnight. my husband however waited months!

I have had everything from biscuits to a Sholl foot pedi kit worth nearly £100. 

My husbands favourite campaign was an electric razor worth over £100.

I have just been checking out their website to see what campaigns have been going out lately and it seems to be a lot of beauty, fragrance and hair care – Some people are evening reviewing a Gucci perfume!

Make sure you fill in the review really really well, go over the top – this gives you a better score and a better score means you are more likely to get another campaign.

Sing up with Bzzagent herehttps://www.bzzagent.co.uk/

The Second is Tesco Orchard

Tesco Orchard works in exactly the same way as Bzzagent. You sign up, fill in the questionnaires and wait for an email. They only difference is you get to test Tesco’s products.

Unfortunately, Tesco have announced that from March 31st their secret club will be no more.

Tesco have said the reason they are axing the scheme, is to introduce an in-store scheme nation wide. The scheme will give any and all Tesco customer the opportunity to give their input on possible new products.

The new scheme is already looking at 1,000 products on average per week, in around 600 UK stores.

This is unfortunate news for Tesco shoppers. However, there are the alternatives above and below, in Bzzagent and Toluna.

The third I have just recently come across, Toluna.

Toluna is huge in America but it has made it’s way over to the UK and I signed up roughly 3 weeks ago.

Again, you fill in some questions about yourself but with Toluna you actually register your interest in the items they have available for testing.

I selected I was interested in testing the new Nivea elastic mascara and there was 100 available for testing. I was lucky enough to be selected and received it in the post a few days later.

You can sign up for Toluna here

They are all are worth signing up for and even if you do have to wait a while for a campaign 🙂

product testing uk Trudy has been sent these products to try and keep completely free!

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