The 25p store is the new £1 shop!

The 25p store is the new £1 shop!

Is it just me who is extremely excited by the idea of the 25p store? I don’t think you can beat this bargain price and there could be one hitting a high street near you sooner rather than later!

The founder of easyJet has opened his first 25p store in North West London and there doesn’t seem to be much it doesn’t sell! Judging by the amazing response It’s had so far, I imagine it won’t be long until we see them sprouting up on every high street.


Stelios Haji-loannou is taking on other budget supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl with his easyFoodstore.

Here’s what’s on offer!

Pretty much everything you’ll ever need for just 25p. The shop will sell a range of 76 unbranded products and promises ‘no expensive brands, just food honestly priced.’

A spokesperson for easyFood has said that stores are set to be built in the more deprived parts of London first in a bid to attract shoppers who may be on benefits or in low-paid or zero-hour jobs.

“This is another way the easy brand can serve the less well-off,” he says in a statement on easyFoodstore’s website. “Given my experience in distributing food for free in Greece and Cyprus, this is a more commercial attempt to sell basic food for 25p per item to those unwaged or low-waged living around Park Royal.”

Would you like to see a 25p store open near you? 

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