The BBC Shop Closing Down Sale

The BBC Shop Closing Down Sale

The British Broadcasting Corporation’s UK store will no longer be trading after 29th March 2016. This is following last months closer of the BBC Australia store.

One of the reasons the store is closing is because the DVD industry has been noticeably declining in recent years with the creation of streaming sites like YouTube and Netflix, so it is not financially smart to keep the store open to sell DVD’s.

You will still be able to get the DVD and Blu-ray’s you want from the US and Canadian stores, as they will remain open. Follow this like for all the information you need.

The store sells everything from DVD’s to themed t-shirts. They sell merchandise for many of their best shows including Sherlock, Top Gear, Doctor Who and many more.

The positive of the store closing is there is a sale of up to 80% off. Some of the offers includes

  • Up To 80% Off T-Shirts and Hoodies
  • Up To 80% Off Books
  • Up To 75% Off Homeware
  • Up To 75% Off Mugs
  • Up To 70% Off DVD’s
  • Up To 60% Off Posters and Prints
  • Up To 60% Off Toys
  • Up To 50% Off Blu-rays
  • Up To 50% Off CD’s
  • With Specific Products on the website.

Click Here to go to the BBC Store Sale Web Page.

Last orders for the UK store vary depending on where you live in the world. The last day to order in the UK is the 29th March 2016 at midnight, in Europe the last orders will need to be before 5PM on the 21st March 2016 and at 5PM on the 14th for the rest of the world.

You may want to buy what you want now because once there gone, there gone.

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