The Best Apps That Will Help You Save Energy And Money

In the UK alone, we waste around £2bn on energy a year, and to change this, we’ve put together the best apps to help you start saving

If you’re struggling to save money on your energy bills every month, we’ve compiled some apps that will calculate data and insights from meters to see where you can obtain potential savings.


This app is useful as it allows you to see insights on energy consumption and you can access real-time energy data on electricity, solar, gas and even water and how you can improve on saving energy. It’s free, however, you would require a Smappee Energy monitor for it to work (around £229). The app works with Android and iOS.

British Gas Smart App

This app is rated the best by app installers as it gives you information on where you can save energy in the home. The app links with smart meters to provide you with information on your gas and electric whilst also ticking off whether you’ve paid off energy bills and gives you many tailored insights. The app works with Android and iOS.

Mi Home

This app also requires the use of smart devices but with the kit that you can have installed (so there are costs attached). The best thing about this app is that it can turn off your energy if you’ve left the house and your phone is outside a certain range. We love this feature! This app works with Android and iOS.

Image: British Gas
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