The Body Shop Recycle Scheme Will Save You £££ Each Time You Shop

Hit the bottom of your fave Body Shop product? Head into your local store to recycle and snap up a voucher

Stats have found that some 120 million units of the packaging that is produced by the cosmetics industry aren’t recyclable.

With the rise of sustainability, many brands have launched ethical ways to recycle whilst giving back to consumers.

MAC is a great example of being loyal to sustainability. You can read how to snap up a free product at any MAC counter here.

The Body Shop, known for being against animal cruelty and for ethically sourced produce, is launching a scheme with Terracycle from the 5th of June.

This scheme will allow customers to recycle at least 5 empties and receive money off their next shop (a voucher for around £5)!

Want a £5 voucher? Save your empties and recycle rather than binning them! Your bank account is waiting for savings.

Image: The Body Shop
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