The Ginger Discount

The Ginger Discount

Are you Ginger? Do you feel Unappreciated? Well at Gingers Grill you will feel you will feel very appreciated. Ginger Grill offers a discount to all genuine redheads. The Discount is 20% the price of the meal. However, gingers are not the only people benefiting for the restaurant as it will create 10 jobs for the area.

Gingers Grill will be located on the high street in Prestatyn, Wales and serves gourmet burgers and chicken. The restaurant was created by a former ginger. The owner of Ginger Grill, Mark Linaker, was ginger and he shaved his head after he started to go bald. He knows how prejudiced people can be towards gingers and the jokes made about them by experiencing it first hand when he had hair. So he has decided that redheads deserve some love and he is going to be the one to give it.

The restaurant is not yet open but will be opening at some point in April. The restaurant has been in development for nearly 2 years, tying to create the best ideas and finding the best location.

The Owner, Mark, has high hopes for the restaurant, saying its a great idea and it will work. He doesn’t want to stop in Prestatyn either hopefully taking it into other towns and cities in North Wales and maybe in the North-West of England someday, but he is taking it slow and is concentrating on the Prestatayn Restaurant first.

Click Here to go to Gingers Grills Facebook page. 

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