The Latest Supermarket Recalls You Need To Know About

If you suffer from an allergy or an intolerance, it is crucial to check product labels in order to determine whether you are able to consume the product pre-purchase.

Some major supermarket chains have issued statements in which a number of products have failed to mention allergy information on packaging. Here are is a list of products you should refrain from buying if you haven’t already.

Sainbury’s Mango Sorbet

Sainbury’s is recalling Mango Sorbet due to undeclared traces of milk, this, therefore, creates a possible health risk for those with allergies or intolerances to milk.


Tesco – Everest Ices Ice Cream and Kulfi 

Everest Ices has issued a recall of Everest Ices Pistachio Ice Cream, Everest Ices Gold Pistachio Kulfi, Everest Ices Kulfi Sticks and Everest Pistachio Kulfi Cones as they contain almonds, which are undeclared on the labelling.


Lidl – Warren & Sons Pate Assorted

Lidl is recalling three Warren & Sons pates due to incorrect use-by date on the labelling thus making it hazardous to eat if eaten after past the date.

Waitrose – 6 Haddock Fish Fingers

Waitrose issued a recall notice on its 6 Haddock Fish Fingers as they contain large fish bones, which make this product unsafe to consume.

These products can also be found on the Food Standards Agency website and all products can be refunded with or without a receipt.


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