The Law On Pricing UK

The law on pricing is very handy to know in the UK

There are lots of myths but I am here to bust them for you

A lot of people wrongly think that if something is wrongly priced in store, they are entitled to it at that price.That is not the case.


If an item is priced incorrectly on the shelf, or scans at the wrong price at the till, retailers are under no obligation to honour it, under the Sale of Goods Act. They can offer the item at the correct price or refuse your money and withdraw the product from sale. However some stores will let you purchase at the error price. If a pricing mistake is not noticed and the customer pays for an item at the reduced cost, the purchase is considered a legally binding contract between the retailer and the customer. The shop has no legal right to claw back any money if it later realises there has been an error.


When you place an order online you are accepting their terms and conditions. In their T&Cs they always say if a pricing error happens then they have the right to cancel the order – it is then up to the company to decide whether or not to honour these pricing errors, sometimes known as glitches. If they decide not to then they may offer you a voucher code as an apology off your next order. Some retailers reserve the right to cancel an order up to the point of delivery but once a customer has received their order a retailer generally has no right to claw back any money.

Past experience

Myself and a lot of our followers have ordered items that have been mispriced in the past or combined voucher codes to make an item completely free.

Sometimes it has worked, other times the orders have been cancelled.

Some of the items we have managed to get in the past which were mispriced are…

  • £50 grocery shop completely free – This was because there was a £50 off voucher with no minimum spend.
  • £5 worth of clothing for 99p – again, thanks to a voucher code. The code was for £5 off your shop with no minimum spend, you just had to pay the 99p delivery charge.
  • 75% off at Dominos with a voucher code.
  • A dining table for 1p after it was mispriced online. The company chose to cancel some orders and honour the rest.
  • Free tickets to a huge UK tour as there was a voucher code allowing the tickets to be bought for free.

If you want to view all of the voucher codes I have right now, click here.

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