The little life hack that will save you big money on train tickets!

The little life hack that will save you big money on train tickets!

Have you heard of Well this website offers travellers a loophole in order for them to get cheaper rail tickets!

The website is completely legal and gives travellers the opportunity to get the cheapest journey possible by purchasing different tickets for different stages of their journey, even if they are staying on the same train the whole time.

So basically, instead of having one ticket to take you from your departure point to your ending destination, the journey will be broken down into two or more parts with a separate rail ticket for each section. 

train ticket

For example, if you want a train from London to Manchester you might get a train ticket from London to Stoke-on-Trent and a second ticket from Stoke-on-Trent to Manchester. Websites such as and will do all the hard work for you calculating the cheapest method, but ticket splitting could save you a fortune!

Raileasy says: ‘Although you won’t be able to ask for split ticketing at the ticket machine at the station, split ticketing is completely legal provided the train stops at the point where you split your fare and you don’t even need to change train. Although the best savings tend to be found on rail journeys going across the country, split ticket savings are available on direct routes too and are not limited to particular train companies or specific journeys.’

The split ticketing tool has so far been extremely useful for travellers on the go!

CLICK HERE to start splitting your journey!


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  1. Split tickets are good to save money but I’ve heard if you miss the next train because the first train was late and you have a different ticket for the second train then you have to repay for a new ticket.

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