The most pointless and annoying hidden fees we hate paying!

The most pointless and annoying hidden fees we hate paying!

Is anybody else annoyed by hidden charges? I know I am! I feel like they’re everywhere, when I book tickets online for the cinema, concerts or pretty much anything else, I expect to pay the rate advertised but there’s no escaping the added credit card fee that always creeps up at the checkout! Here I have listed the top 5 most annoying hidden charges with some advice on how to avoid them!

Cash machine withdrawal fee

There’s nothing worse than getting to a cashpoint only to realise that there’s a charge required, sometimes for up to £2.60! The good news is, the Government have finally started cracking down on this little annoyance and ATM’s will soon be free for all, but until that day arrives, you can find out what other cash machines are nearby by using this ATM search tool.

Roaming charges for mobile phones

Data roaming is extremely expensive if you are leaving the country! The best thing to do is let your phone provider know you are going away well in advance. They may be able to provide you with a reasonable deal which would save you money in the long run! The EU is planning on banning roaming charges thankfully, but we do have to wait until 2019! Another option may be to buy a local pay-as-you-go or international SIM card.


Bank overdraft fees

Bank overdraft fees are annoying and we should be checking our finances regularly to make sure you don’t go into the red, but  there are some other steps we can be taking to make sure we don’t get caught out with too many ridiculous charges. Consider agreeing an overdraft with your bank to avoid penalty fees and if you feel that any charges are unfair then don’t be afraid to try and claim them back!

Card surcharge fee when booking

To avoid card surcharge fees when booking things, try paying with debit cards instead. However, it is important to remember that credit cards give you extra protection. The Government and regulators have banned excessive fees although you may still have to cough up a small fee!

Compulsory service tip

Technically, you are only required to pay a service charge if the restaurant you are eating at makes this clear before the meal. Therefore you are within your rights to ask them to take off any other automatically added tip!


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