The Perfect Chocolates For An Easter Egg Hunt | AD

Entertain the kids in the Easter holidays with none other than… chocolates!

With the sun finally shining and the warm weather approaching, get the kids outside in the holidays by having lots of Easter egg hunts.

We’ve picked some of the best Easter choccies below and we’re sure that they’ll love them all!

This gift set is eggcellent for an Easter egg hunt with the tiny tots! We love creme eggs here at Ashleigh as they’re just so yummy and this neverending gift set is amaze.

Cadbury Creme Egg Gift Set

All the Cadbury fanatics, this one is for you! This chocolate set would definitely take a while to chomp as there’s tons of choc to get through.

Cadbury Little One Easter Treasure

This chocolate box is perfect for a hunt with children and adults as it features all the chocolate we’ve basically grown up munching! Yasss.

Cadbury Chocolate Box

This Easter bundle is a chocolate lovers dream. From creme eggs to jelly babies and supersized Easter eggs, it’d take them a while finding all these chocs!

Cadbury Easter Bundle

Why not get in the Easter mood with this Mini Egg gift set! From bags to tubes, you just can’t go wrong with Mini Eggs. 😍

Cadbury Mini Egg Gift Set

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