The Power Of The Tastecard!

The Power Of The Tastecard!

A lot of us like to eat out for lunch with friends or a romantic meal with our other half, and with the rise in chain restaurants you will probably see a lot of the same places; Pizza Express, Ask and Prezzo being but a few.

But did you know about the lovely little bistro down the road? Or that the pub that you have driven past 100 times does food? Neither did I until I got myself a Taste card. This little piece of plastic and the App have saved me over £100 pounds in meals in the last year and the best bit………it was free.

Taste card regularly run free trials on their cards or membership to their app only schemes and it’s brilliant. It finds your location and tells you all the places locally where you can save money when you dine there, and it’s not just the big chains that are getting in on this. Smaller independent pubs and restaurants have seen the benefits of having their establishment pop up on the app as an alternative to the same old pizza or pasta joints and have opened up a world of new dining possibilities. For example there is a pub only 4 miles from my house that I had never even considered but it popped up on the app and we thought we would give it a try. Not only was the food amazing but we got 50% yes 50% off the bill.


They’re not the only one getting in on the act though, others have popped up as well such as The Gourmet society as well as Hi-life, all have different restaurants connected to them (there may be some overlap) and give different amounts off, 25%-50% usually. All have handy free apps so you don’t even need the card and tell you the closest restaurant to you.

There are of course restrictions (there always are) Some you have to book in advance for evening meals and are restricted at the weekend, but it depends on the restaurant and their policies and it makes it quite clear on the app when and what the terms are.

So free trials abound and half price food is within your grasp, Bon appetite people. 

CLICK HERE  to get a 12-month tastecard membership for just £35 instead of £79.99! This would make an ideal birthday gift for somebody or a great idea for a fathers day gift!

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