The strangest and most expensive things sold on eBay

The strangest and most expensive things sold on eBay

So you may of read my article a couple of weeks ago all about how beanie babies are finally beginning to sell for thousands on eBay. This came about after a young couple sold their special edition Princess Diana bear for a cool £62,000! To say I was shocked by that sale is an understatement, but if you think that’s strange then wait till you see what else has been selling on eBay for ridiculous amounts of money!

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I did a bit of research and discovered that there were many other popular toys from the 90’s that are now worth a small fortune, but it seems it’s not only the toys that are attracting all of the bids, here are some crazy examples of what people will actually buy on the worlds biggest auction site!

1. A lump of coal from the Titanic

How much would you be prepared to pay for a lump of coal? Well somebody has bought a lump of coal from the 1912 Titanic shipwreck on the site for£9,500! I can’t quite get my head around this one, but apparently you can find genuine samples on the web for under a tenner, I bet somebody wishes they’s of shopped around first!

2. A deformed Hula Hoop

hula hoopThis one made me laugh! One guy sold a suspiciously long hula hoop for 1,300 times the price of a normal bag. He said he was unsure the winning bidder would pay up the £712 for the crisp and said that if he didn’t he wouldn’t pursue it since ‘it was only a crisp after all’ but legally he had to pay!


3. Britney Spears Hair

Can you all remember Britney Spears famous meltdown back in 2007? How could we forget! Well somebody from the salon where she shaved her head put some of her hair on the site for a starting bid of $1,000,000! Unfortunately due to eBays violation policy, this sale was void and the sellers dreams of a quick fortune were soon cut short . There’s no doubt in my mind that somebody out there will of otherwise snapped it up since her chewed piece of chewing gum sold for a whopping $14,000.

4. A loom band dress

A dress made from £20,000 loom bands attracted huge attention in the height of the loom band craze! The dress made entirely from the small colourful bands sold for £170,100! Unfortunately the successful bidder had to withdraw saying she could not afford it! What a shame.

5. Ian Usher’s whole ‘life’

Right so I’ve saved the best until last! If you thought a deformed hula hoop or a tiny bit of coal were strange sales on eBay wait until you hear this. One man auctioned off everything he owned after his wife left him. He sold his car, house (with everything inside), jetski and even his job for £160,000! He used the money to fund a travelling adventure!

I hope this has given any of you thinking of selling your belongings on eBay some inspiration!

6. Bottle of the Drummond Puddle Water

I’ve had to add this little gem onto the list! How many of you have been on puddle watch over the last couple of days? Well for those of you who don’t know, there is a puddle in Newcastle which is just a little bit too big to cross. Some genius set up a live stream of the puddle and the stream had over 50,000 people watching at one point! Some comedians turned up to the scene with surfboards and wetsuits! The ‘famous puddle’ has caused such a media frenzy that a bottle of ‘Drummond Puddle Water’ is now selling for £65,900! No I’m not joking there are currently 30 bids. There’s still 2 days left if you fancy it.

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