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The Sun Holiday codes 2017…

Please read this post in full as the way you book a Sun Holiday is changing!

For the past 5 years, I have collected the code words that are needed for the Sun holidays so you didn’t have to. It was a great way to have a family holiday either in the UK or abroad on the cheap and if you looked carefully you could save yourself nearly £1000!

Priority booking used to be open for anyone who had booked with The Sun holidays in the past, not anymore.


To get access to priority booking, you MUST be a member of the new SUN SAVERS. In each Sun Newspaper, there is a unique code that you enter on the Sun Savers website. Once you have entered 28 codes you will be given a free £5! This will also entitle you to priority booking membership.

For PRIORITY BOOKERS you will get a VIP code to book early.

We can still collect the codes for everyone else to book their holiday if they are NON-PRIORITY.

Check Out SUN SAVERS here.


Holidays will be available between February – May and from September – November.


  • Butlins and other top destinations usually sell out straight away so having priority access gives you a much better chance of booking top parks.  
  • Check the price of your holiday direct with the holiday park after booking through The Sun holidays. If your holiday would have been cheaper to book direct, The Sun will refund you the difference plus an extra £10.
  • Last year a lot of people were confused about the ‘extras’ they had to pay for. When you choose your location and park some of them do come with ‘extras’ that need to be paid for such as bedding, passes and a service charge. This is all explained to you BEFORE you book in the T&C’s, when we booked for Butlins we had to pay an extra (I think) £150 which covered passes and daily room service BUT it was still cheaper to pay this and holiday there through The Sun than it was to go direct.



Code 1 – EASY

Code 2 – BATH

Code 3 – LAKE

Code 4 – STAY

Code 5 – PINK

Code 6 – COST

Code 7 – ECHO

Code 8 – BOND

Code 9 – CAPE

Code 10 – HERE

Click here to book… (When booking is open)

All terms and conditions can be found here…

I have reviewed Sun Holidays at Butlins here…

PLEASE make sure you read the T&C’s after you have selected your holiday and BEFORE you book as this will tell you if there are any extra charges such as housekeeping, entertainment passes etc. Our Butlins Holiday cost £80 and the rest of the cost was for the above extras so it is IMPORTANT you read the T&C’s.

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