The Top 5 Christmas shopping struggles we all face!

The Top 5 Christmas shopping struggles we all face!

Christmas shopping isn’t for the faint-hearted. Once December hits it takes a brave person to face the shopping centres. Yet every year most of us still put ourselves through it and tell ourselves ‘we’ll start earlier next year’.

But you’re not alone! Here are my top 5 struggles we will all face when doing our Christmas shopping!

Road Rage

The car parks are full of stressed out drivers and parking spaces are even harder to come by than they usually are. So basically we are already stressed before we begin the big shop.

Pushing & Shoving

With so many impatient shoppers around It’s inevitable that you’re going to be pushed and shoved all day long. Everything seems to be so much more annoying, like when people decide to come to a stand still right in front of you, or you get stuck walking behind someone who’s moving about the same pace as a snail.

The devastation of seeing things go in the sale

There’s no worse feeling than the sinking one we get when we see things we paid full price for go in the sale. If only we’d of hung on just one week more!

Gift Envy

Is it just me who seems to suddenly want everything I’m buying people for myself? It’s easy enough to find yourself buying two of everything …. but don’t do it, 9 times out of ten these things will never get used.

Trying to stick to your budget

It’s tricky to stick to a budget when there are so many good deals on and so many amazing products you know everyone will love. But remember when gift shopping, It’s quality not quantity and you don’t have to break the bank in order to get your loved one the perfect present.

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