The top 5 perfumes and cheapest places to get them!

The top 5 perfumes and cheapest places to get them!

One of the most popular choice of gifts given at Christmas has to be perfume. Whether it’s a bottle of the old favourite or trying the latest scent, there are masses to choose from on the shelves and online. Prices can vary from the cheap and cheerful to the eye watering expensive. Here are the top 5 perfumes from this year and the places where you can find them the cheapest at the moment.

First is Paco Rabanne Lady Millionaire perfume

This varies massively in price and is on almost all the perfume sites top sellers lists, the RRP is up around £52 but Amazon have it here on sale at the moment for a good £10 less at only £41.

In second place is Jimmy choo’s Eau de perfume

Again it can range up to an eye watering £70 for 100g of this “fruity, feminine fragrance” but you can bag a bargain at a few places such as The perfume club who came in at £39.44 or the next best one is £42.95 a whopping saving of £29.05 of the original price.

Another new perfume, Alien

a great name and I must admit my favourite so far, for 60mg of this you can be looking to part up to £69 in some stores, again you can get it a bit cheaper by shopping around. This woody floral fragrance in a unique bottle can be found at Amazon for the bargain price of £53.49 . Plus a free beauty box when you spend £40 at Amazon at the moment on any beauty products, so added bonus!

Beyoncé Heat

The last in the perfume top 5 is a slightly more purse friendly celebrity fragrance Beyonce heat, unclear as to whether this has sold well because It’s on sale or on sale because it sold well.

Original up around the £39 mark you can now get it for as little as £8.99, quite a nice light fragrance with vanilla and honeysuckle this might be a good one for those not wanting to spend too much.


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