There’s a new Cornetto on the block…& It’s Vegan

Great news for people with dairy and gluten intolerances and vegans too! The summer’s of not being able to indulge on ice cream’s in a cone are over thanks to Cornetto!

The famous ice cream brand known for their delicious Cornetto’s have just revealed that they are releasing a vegan version of their classic coned ice cream. Meaning that more of the brands customers can enjoy their favourite ice cream in the warmer months too!

Image: Walls

Instead of dairy, the ice cream is made of soya milk which is held inside a delicious gluten free cone, which is then dipped in vegan chocolate and sprinkled with nuts.

The new ice cream is set to appear in the freezers of Sainsbury’s stores in packs of four this February ahead of the sunnier seasons.

Cornetto are following in the footsteps of brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, who brought out vegan versions of their popular tubbed ice cream last year, which went down a storm.

The great thing about the new vegan Cornetto’s though is that they’re great for on the go, and when you can’t eat a tub.

So if you’ve unfortunately always had to stay away from ice cream because of dietary requirements, you need never do without a refreshing ice cream in the summer again thanks to Cornetto!



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