Things that annoy me…

Things that annoy me…

Yep, I love a good rant but I’m sure you could probably relate to some of these…

Ever felt like you need a rant? Now I have the platform to do it to millions of people so I thought I’d have a little rant here and see if anyone agrees with me.

These are just my personal opinions and I hope they don’t offend anyone…

  • When someone refers to their child’s dad as ‘babysitting’ – No, he’s their parent too.
  • When magazines/newspapers speculate on people being pregnant because they chose to have something other than lettuce for dinner so now they’re a bit bloated.
  • This whole debate regarding Victoria Beckham for kissing her daughter on the lips. So what? My son is 9 and he wouldn’t want to kiss me on the lips – I’m cool with this. However, my 5 year old daughter chooses to kiss me on the lips – again, I’m cool with this. There is nothing wrong with it either way, they’re my children and how they chose to show affection is up to them.
  • When people look down on those on benefits. I walked straight into a job from school but was made redundant and ended up on benefits only a couple of year ago. I didn’t CHOOSE to claim benefits, I NEEDED to to make ends meet. It is only a small minority of people who make a life on the benefit system and those are the ones giving the rest a bad name.
  • When people write cryptic status updates on Facebook saying something like ‘OMG I can’t believe it, I’m so annoyed’ and then you be the concerned friend and ask whats up/if everything is ok and they reply ‘ah I’ll be fine’ or ‘Nothing’ or ‘I’ll inbox you’. Like, why? Why write it on Facebook if you aren’t going to share anyway?
  • People who understand words like ‘Fleek’ and ‘Bae’ but not ‘their, there or they’re’
  • The British weather. Howair, please just give us a decent summer!
  • Season Finales – Why leave me like this?! I just need to know who Negan killed in The Walking Dead and how poor Enid is doing after Carl locked her in the cupboard!
  • Trolls – Boreoff you keyboard warriors! I’ve had a few in my time after they have seen me on TV or watched one of my videos. Yes I’m fat, No I don’t care but keep this up and I’ll eat you too!
  • The North East Metro system. They are usually late/full/stink/dirty, the service can be suspended in the summer because the tracks are too hot, they can be suspended in the winter because of leaves on the tracks or low rail adhesion. We only want to get to work!

I think that’s about it for now…  I’m sure the list will get longer over time.

I actually feel much better now, it was much needed.

Have I missed any of your hates out? Let me know!

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