This little device can cut your insurance!

This little device can cut your insurance!

Have any of you heard of a dashcam before? Well they are simple small recording devices that sit on your dashboard to record the roads ahead. It may be a simple idea, but these dashcams are a great way of slashing the price of your car insurance and also for proving an accident isn’t your fault if you are ever involved in a bump!

The first thing I’m going to be buying as soon as I pass my test is a Dashcam! They are extremely simple to install and can save me money! What more could I ask for? I have heard of so many friends and family members who have been involved in minor accidents where the other drivers have tried to make dodgy claims. This must be one of the most annoying things to happen to a driver since it’s their word against yours so it may be worth investing in one of these.

Having footage from the dashboard camera can really help you win your case if it ever came to it. It is wired into your car so automatically begins recording when you start your engine.

Where to Find Cheap Auto Insurance

The number of people using these have tripled in the last 6 month which means they must be working!

The best bit is, insurers are starting to cut the premiums of those drivers who record their journeys!

Argos have a great selection at different prices here

Amazon have some for less than £10 


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