This Mother From Sunderland Has Revolutionised Prom Season

The Prom Loan Lady- Sunderland’s own Fairy Godmother?

One woman from Sunderland is revolutionising this prom season with an astounding charitable act.

Since the tradition of having prom came over from the American collegiate system, it has been rapidly adopted by schools all over the UK.

With the average prom spending coming in at over £200, this can be an extremely expensive period.

It can sometimes be totally budget busting, but there is no reason why this has to be the case.

One inspiring mother from Sunderland recognised that some families may not be able to afford this extravagance, and decided to step up and do something.


The Prom Loan Lady, based in Sunderland, offers free loans of dresses and suits from donations received, all in an effort to ensure that no one has to miss out on a special, memorable night celebrating with their friends.

Operating completely from her home and totally out of charitable spirit, The Prom Loan Lady only asks that suits and dresses are cleaned before they are returned.

She offers a complete anonymous service so that no one has to feel sensitive about wearing loaned or second hand items, and has some sterling reviews already.

One reviewer on the page said: “Beautiful lady inside and out doing a great job at helping those in need. I’ve seen the selection of dresses etc and they are beautiful… actually stunning.”

She also accepts donations to the prom dress collection, as well as donations on bags and shoes, but it would be worth messaging the Facebook page for further information.

If you think you could contribute to this wonderful cause, or would like to borrow an outfit yourself, visit her page here.

[all images:Pixabay]

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