This Philadelphia Milka Spread Tastes Just Like Chocolate Cheesecake

Make way for the launch of Philadelphia Milka Chocolate Spread!

ASDA has launched this yummy mix of chocolatey goodness just in time for Easter and it’s safe to say that we’re totally consumed by this combination.

If you’re a total Milka fanatic like some of us at Ashleigh, you’ll love this combination of milk chocolate and cream cheese (it’s technically a chocolate cheesecake, right?)

ASDA have said that this creamy spread is perfect for anything from pancakes to bagels. Here at Ashleigh, some of us are going to try it on toast later today. YAY.

The spread is currently priced at £1 a tub to then shoot up to around £1.80 so hurry and get your hands on this chocolatey dream whilst it’s cheap!

Image: ASDA


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