This story about a young homeless man is amazing!

This story about a young homeless man is amazing!

A desperate young homeless man who asked a passer by to upload his CV to Twitter for him has now been offered interviews after employers seen the post online!

23 year old Jordan Lockett really wants a job so he can pull himself out of poverty, and now his dream may be coming true.

Liverpool boy Aaron O’Dwyer, 18, shared Jordan’s CV after offering him some change in the street. He told I was on my way back from an interview, I was walking around Bold Street and I saw him sat at the side of the road. I saw he was homeless, he didn’t look much older than me so I gave him £5 and he insisted I took his CV.I saw that it was a pretty sad plea for help so I thought if I put it on Twitter someone in Liverpool might know him or offer help.’

Since Aaron uploaded the CV, Jordan’s brother and sister have been in touch and more importantly he’s been offered an interview with a local restaurant and rendering business so things could be seriously looking up!


Jordan’s CV reads:

I’m sick of wasting away now,

I’m always being told to go to homeless centres but there not helping. I think it’s because they need a job for one and because I’m young and fit and no dependencies I’m on the bottom of the priority list but it’s killing my mental health.

I write my CV like this because I don’t have anything to put on it, I worked as a motorbike mechanic for 2 years but that was from the start of year 9 to the end of high school on a course and my boss stopped picking me up 2ish weeks before I was supposed to finish and left me with no grades or experience proof.

Very fast learner and hard worker.

Can I afford not to be?

Any chances?

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