This Supermarket Is Now Selling Churros For 99p!

You have to admit, one of the best things about going to Chiquitos is the doughy goodness that is churros for dessert, and now one of our favourite bargain supermarkets are providing us with the sweet treat for less than a pound!

The Spanish treat which consists of fried dough (a bit like a doughnut) with a crispy outer and then famously dusted with sugar, cinnamon, or chocolate are being sold by Lidl for a bargain price.

The churros come in 500g bags and cost just 99p.

They’re ready-made to be frozen too so there’s no fuss preparing them.

The dessert unfortunately doesn’t include a topping, so you may have to add some sugar or buy some Nutella to go on top. It’ll still make a super cheap treat though!

The sweet snack is part of Lidl’s Spanish range, so unfortunately they won’t be round for long.

So if you want to get your hands on a pack to snack on in the glorious summer weather, best get to your local Lidl stat!

Image: Lidl/ The Sun
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