Thorpe Park’s Hidden Page Offers The BEST Prices

Thorpe Park have an offer on a HIDDEN page, giving the best summer prices ever. A total reversal on the classic “kids go free”, this deal is definitely one for the grown-ups. Click here to check out the full details!

The “adults go free” deal runs throughout July— which covers the first week of the summer holidays—  and includes an overnight stay at the Thorpe Park Shark Hotel, a fabulous refuge from the wildness of the park that gives you the ideal space to relax after a day in the park.

Located minutes away from the park itself, this is the perfect place to make base camp and take a breather from the excitement of the park.

The beautifully cosy bedrooms are temperature controlled with heating AND air conditioning, meaning no matter what the summer weather throws at us, you’ll be well rested and ready to take advantage of the UNLIMITED fast track passes you will receive on your second day.

The second day fast tracking is a huge benefit that would normally cost £50, and gives you access to the hilariously entertaining Bouncezilla— a 90 metre inflatable obstacle course guaranteed to bring out the big kid in any adult.

From bustling through the spiked uprights at the entrance of Bouncezilla to bouncing through the inflatables and zooming down the slide at the end, expect to stumble, jump, crawl and, most importantly, laugh throughout.

This feature is perfect for adults, and suitable for kids from 6 years old and is bound to generate big laughs and great memories- just make sure to stay hydrated, as it can get quite warm!

After Bouncezilla you could cool off a little with a walk through the Park, scoping out the rides you might aim for next.

If you do end up on the opposite end of the Park and plan to work your way backwards, be sure to take a ride on the Rumba Rapids and cool off with some water splashes that won’t leave you breathless.

If walking the length of the park doesn’t appeal to you, jump straight back into the adrenaline fuelled action with The Vortex, the giant spinning pendulum that will raise the pulse and leave you feeling like you’ve been in a whirlwind- not a bad way to cool off either!

The final highlight of a Thorpe Park trip and what sets the park head and shoulders above the rest are the staff, who are always happy to bend over backwards to make sure that your trip is all you could ever hope for.

Whatever you’re planning to do in the Park, the offer of two day park access, free parking, a hotel stay, complimentary breakfast, and an unlimited fast pass for you and one other friend for £123 is amazing, and saves you over £100+ against regular retail costs.

At £123 for 2 adults, this upgraded bargain package is phenomenal value for money, and with free parking, a stay at a four star hotel, breakfast, two day park access, fast track AND discounted tickets for the Jungle Escape (a crazy spin on the classic escape room concept), this deal is not to be missed.

Click here to take advantage of this superb offer now!

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