Thought WKD Was A Thing Of The Past? Well It’s Making A Fruity Comeback For Summer!

Remember those bittersweet teenage days of yester year when you would sip blue WKD with your mates at a 90’s house party? Well as a modern revival the brand have released a brand new flavour to entice fans and it sounds delicious!

The brand famous for their super affordable drinks have released a refreshing new Mango Crush flavoured drink to add to their classic collection.

Sounds super tasty right?

The popular alcopop’s are also set to become available in multi-packs, and if you fancy trying the new flavour but love a classic throwback too, you can now buy dual flavour multi-packs!

The new packs contain two 275ml bottles of the new mango flavour, and and two bottles of the WKD Berry flavour.

These fruity flavours will be perfect for summer barbecues! You could even invite over your old uni mates for ultimate nostalgia.

The multi-packs of WKD will cost £4.99 and can be found in convenience shops across the UK.

If you’re a big fan of the drink though, you can now also get a ten pack which includes Mango Crush, WKD Blue, WKD Berry, WKD Lemon & Lime, and WKD Blueberry & Elderflower.

So, do you think you’ll be stocking up on the multi-packs ready for the warmer weather? We think that the new fruity mango flavour will be super popular between modern youngsters and ex 90’s kids alike.

Image: WKD
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