Thousands of angry customers after Thorpe Park ticket ‘scam’

There are Thousands of angry customers after Thorpe Park ticket ‘scam’

However, they do have a right to be frustrated…

Thorpe Park promise that 1871 lucky customers would bag themselves 12p tickets to visit Thorpe Park.

This sounded like such a fantastic offer which could save you around £100. We all knew it would be a game of chance and not all of us would manage to get the heavily reduced tickets.

Thorpe Park’s website said that you would need to come back to their website for the ticket sale which would start at 10am on 25th March – I have spoke to hundreds of customers who were on the website long before 10am just incase the website went down.

I refreshed the ticket sales page at 9.58 and the ticket sales were open. I entered the promotional code needed which then took you to a new page to enter your name, address and email address.

I was then informed that all tickets had sold out.

After talking to a number of people on my Facebook page, Ashleigh Money Saver, I found out that tickets had actually been an sale for a few minutes before I noticed – so surely Thorpe Park could have informed us of this BEFORE they captured our details?

Many customers are now accusing Thorpe Park of false advertising because tickets were on sale before the sale was due to start.

Some customers are calling the whole promotion a ‘scam’ to capture our details and not supply us with any 12p tickets.

I have spoken to ONE ‘lucky’ customer, Phillip, who said he went onto the Thorpe Park website at 9.55am to wait for the sale to start, however the ticket sale had started and he was able to get 4 tickets straight away. (see proof below)

However, Thorpe Park are informing customers that they had a technical issue which caused tickets to go on sale 120 seconds early – which obviously isn’t the case as Phillip was lucky enough to get tickets a whole 5 minutes early!


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