Thousands Owed In Council Tax Rebates

Could You Be One Of Thousands Owed A Council Tax Rebate?

If you’re currently in the wrong council tax band like thousands of others in England and Scotland, then you could be owed a backdated rebate stretching all the way back from 1993. There’s also a strong chance your current price will be cut considerably.

It only takes ten short minutes to check whether or not you’re in the wrong band, and if you are, you could claim back thousands of pounds. All you have to do is find out what band your neighbours and other similar properties in your area are on. You could simply ask them, or you could access the information on If you find that properties of a similar size and structure are on a lower tax band than you, you are probably ready for a big claim.

Once you have all of this information you should contact your local listings office to make an appeal. You can either email them or write a detailed letter explaining that you think your band is too high and why. Within 30 days you will know whether or not the council have agreed to decrease your payments. If this is the case then action will be taken more or less straight away to start refunding your backdated payments. If you get told that you can’t challenge it, then you can contact your local listings office, who have a legal duty to investigate and alter the valuation list if it believes it is required.


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