Time is running out to claim £12 energy rebate!

Time is running out to claim £12 energy rebate!

I posted a few months ago about how everybody was entitled to £12 free electricity credit from their energy supplier.

Energy suppliers should have automatically paid their domestic customers £12 to their accounts. Although lots of prepay customers aren’t aware that they will need to physically redeem their £12 themselves and the deadline is looming.

Prepay customers have until 28th February to use vouchers to redeem their £12. If this applies to you then you should have received a letter before Christmas from your supplier which will have included your vouchers.

These vouchers will be added on to your credit once redeemed, however, I am reading that a huge amount of people are yet to do so! So if you weren’t aware of this scheme and can’t remember receiving your vouchers, ring your supplier as you only have a few weeks left to claim and the rebate could be extremely helpful.

CLICK HERE for more information on £12 free electricity.



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