7 tips to help you save money

7 tips to help you save money

When it comes to spending money just how sensible are you?

Do you live for payday so you can treat yourself or do you prefer to save?

Whatever your spending habits, these tips should help your money stretch a bit further and help you stop spending for the sake of it…

  • Is there something you really NEED to buy? Make sure you get the best price. My ‘Store Scanner‘ tool could help you find the best price. You simply search for what you’re looking for and we will search over 2000 stores to bring you the cheapest price right now.
  • When you’re grocery shopping why not head to the ‘clearance’ fridge and see if you can pick up some reduced meat. It is perfect to freeze for later on in the month and it is a great way to cut the cost of your shopping  bill.
  • Set a budget. This is also a good way to get the children involved in money decisions. Once your budget is set, try and be under budget as much as possible and if they can help you find ways to cut costs and do this, reward them at the end of the month.
  • Before you buy anything, think about it. Do you REALLY want it, do you really NEED it or maybe there is a cheaper alternative.
  • Before I buy anything that I don’t really need, I avoid buying it for a month. If in a month I still want it then I will have a browse for it as cheap as possible but most of the time I have changed my mind and realised I didn’t want it after all.
  • When you’re eating out try and head to places that accept Tastecard. These cards do cost to sign up to but if you eat out a lot then they are great ways to reduce you bill – meaning they pay for themselves over time. You can get great offers with Tastecard such as 2 for 1 or 50% off your bill.
  • When making a purchase, try and use a credit card to pay for it – even if it is only a few pound. Then pay the purchase off in full, this will look brilliant on your credit report plus it will give you more rights should anything go wrong with your purchase. Find the best deal on credit cards here…
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