Tips to make your Halloween go with a swing!

Tips to make your Halloween go with a swing!

Halloween, one of my favourite holidays, what’s not to love? You get to dress up scary or sexy, there’s the chance for a party and of course sweets. I also love the pumpkin carving and decorating the house with bats, ghosts and spider webs.

So here are some ghoulishly good tricks to make your Halloween go with a swing.

1 Trick or treating is such fun but it’s not for everyone. If you have a group of children either in you circle, be it friends with kids or the mummy and daddies at play group. You can organize a group trick or treat. There is a designated pick up point (last year ours was the local pub) the parents drop the kids off at a set time and they are taken round for an hour my responsible adults or teens in groups of 5. We have pr-approved the houses that we go to so the kids don’t get rude replies or have to stand in the cold waiting for the door to open. WE then drop them off and the parents have had an hours rest bite, the kids have had safe fun and we get a free drink.

2 Have a party, I love an opportunity to dress up, and so do the kids but not everyone does, see if there is a Halloween part on near your, or hold one yourself, they are a great way of having some spooky fun without having to worry about the British weather spoiling it, if everyone brings something it won’t cost much and making the decorations is always good fun.

3 If you don’t have kids then a grown up party can be a little more…well grown up, some things might be a bit scary for them bless, like the % of the punch. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy Halloween.

4 If you haven’t thought ahead and bought all your Halloween stuff when it went on clearance last year, then you can still kit out your house into a sooky haunted house for very little, a black balloon and some rubbish bags makes a great giant spider, you can print out skeleton images from the internet to stick on your window and there are endless recipes for Halloween inspired food on the internet.

5 The pumpkin, good family fun, or competition depending on your house. We love carving out pumpkins and are getting a bit ott with the designs, but we do actually eat them as well. Pumpkin and chilli soup is delicious and add enough cinnamon and cloves and so is pumpkin pie, still not sure about pumpkin beer though. Just remember to cut them up the next day, so they don’t go bad. You can also roast the seeds for a couple of minutes to create a tasty snack, so there need not be any waste, unless you planning to do this with them, a good pumpkin soup recipe is this one.


There are lots of easy decorations you can make, one of my favourite is to fill a new rubber glove with water and freeze it, you can take the glove off and you have a great creepy ice cube for your Halloween punch,

Halloween ghosts, you take half a banana and pop it on a lolly stick and freeze it. When its frozen dip it in melted white chocolate and pop some chocolate drops onto the banana in the shape of a face, you can sprinkle it with coconut if you want.


Costumes can cost a fortune but making your own can be fun and save you some money, you can grab some good ones from the charity shops or online for the kids as they tend to grow out of them each year. Adults can be a little more difficult to buy for, the costumes can be bought online a bit cheaper if you get them a good while before the Halloween rush starts as they prices rocket, but again a black dress and a witch’s hat will do at a pinch. If your wanting to push the boat out a bit more then ebay have a wide range of great costumes that are quite cheap at the moment, as you can use them again next year.

Be sure to keep all the Halloween stuff for next year, stick it in the loft or under the bed, and you can re-use it, if you want to be uber prepared you can get loads of stuff in the clearance sale this year from places like Asda or Wilkinson’s and put it away for next year.

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