Toblerone Ice Cream Has Been Released & It Looks Delicious

Lately we’ve been swooning over all of the new surprise ice cream flavours on the block, including Biscoff, Kinder Bueno, and Ben & Jerry’s latest special, Birthday cake! And now it’s just been revealed that our favourite triangular Christmas chocolate, Toblerone, is the latest to grace freezers this year!

The chocolate bars, which include tasty pieces of honey, and almond nougat, have been transformed in to ice cream form and wrapped in tasty milk chocolate.

Don’t they just sound amazing?

They’re sure to taste just as delicious as their chocolate bar counterpart as a refreshing treat in the summer heat.

Of course, like the chocolate, the ice cream will be in the famous triangle shape too!

Image: Tesco

What’s even better is that they come in packs of three, which means you can share them with your mates, or eat them all yourself if they turn out to be just as moreish as the chocolate bars are, which we’re sure they will be!

If you can’t wait until the summer, you can get your hands on a box right now from Tesco for just £3!

With all of these new ice cream flavours about, you’ll be spoilt for choice this summer, but we think this new Toblerone one is a good place to start!

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