tommee tippee closer to nature Complete Starter Kit


tommee tippee closer to nature Complete Starter Kit

The George at Asda Baby & Toddler event is full of amazing products and essential purchases for any family, whether you’re having your first child or are onto your fifth! The event has discounts on hundreds of products from clothing and baby bedding to everything you could need for feeding, bathing changing and more. To help you work out which products are right for you I’ve got my team to test some of the top products to give you their opinions on some of the bargains available.

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The tommee tippee closer to nature Complete Starter Kit is a bit of a mouthful but it’s packed full of what looks like everything you could possibly need for your baby. Upon opening the box we were overwhelmed with how much is actually included in there:

IMG_3442As well as a six bottle electric steriliser unit there’s a single bottle travel steriliser, electric bottle and food warmer, 8 bottles, a selection of teats, two insulated bottle bags and various other tools for cleaning and sterilising your bottles. After unpacking all of this I was ready for a sit down but we preserved and started off by setting up the steriliser. A small criticism would be that the instructions are not as clear as the Perfect Prep Machine (which was really easy to follow) and also each of the items had its own instruction booklet rather than being all in one which lead to some confusion while we were trying to work out how to use it.


Once we had the right book we managed to setup the steriliser pretty quickly and were impressed that everything was really clear, with obvious slots for bottles, teats and all the individual components. The system itself was really efficient and only took 80ml of water to steam the full load in about 5 minutes in total (though you can use more water if you want to give things a longer steam). Once you’ve completed the cycle if you leave the lid closed the bottles will be sterilised for 24 hours too.

With the bottles sterilised we moved onto the bottle and food warmer. This was really simple with clear instructions on how long to leave each combination of food or milk based on the starting temperature (so it’s heated to the correct temperature whether it’s been chilled or at room temperature). This would be ideal if you were out for the day and needed a quick way to heat up food, plus it’s quite light too. The travel steriliser is a microwaveable unit for one bottle and again was really easy to setup – it’s probably not going to replace the main steriliser but would be handy if you were travelling and didn’t want to bring the main unit (which is definitely not suitable for travelling).

canvasThe rest of the kit was great too, the bottles were really good quality (and seem to have great reviews everywhere online) and the insulated bags looked perfect for keeping bottles warm.

All in all I think this is pretty much everything you could possibly need for your new family member. You’ll definitely feel fully prepared for any eventuality and getting everything together in one pack is a great deal. Looking at the main items individually you’d be paying £40 for the steriliser kit.

£10.49 for the single bottle steriliser, £22.99 for the bottle & food warmer and that’s before you price up all the bottles and teats etc. As part of the George at Asda Baby & Toddler event you can get this whole set for only £60 which seems like really good value. In summary, for parents who have already had their first child you may find you don’t need everything here but if like me you’re a first-time parent then this kit is a great place to start and at the moment you can save £59.97 at Asda.

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