Tommee Tippee Sippy Cup Update

Tommee Tippee Sippy Cup Update

I posted a story recently about a Father’s post that was going viral on social media. He had posted pictures of his child’s sippy cup which was filled with mould when he pulled it apart. This inspired other parents across the country to double check theirs, and shockingly lots of them were experiencing the same thing.

Well I now have an update on the issue as Tommee Tippee have released a new statement.

The statement on their Facebook page reads: ‘We sell millions of Sippee cups globally but we know from recent social media posts, that some people have had problems cleaning the valve. For this we sincerely apologise and we are actively following up on any concerns raised. We’re sorry if we haven’t managed to speak to you yet but due to high demand it may take us some time to get to your post. For a swifter response please call us using the contact details below.

We want everyone to be happy with our products and we always want to exceed expectations. We’ve therefore listened to our customers, and will be launching a new Sippee cup in the next few months.

The new cup will have a two piece valve that can be used with different types of liquid, and is easier to clean.’

see through

Alongside this apology, the company has also announced that free replacements will be available for parents. You can choose to request a transparent see through valves shown in this image, or a different style cup if you would prefer.

If you would like to receive one of these items then free phone 0808 206 8000

CLICK HERE to read full information over on the Tommee Tippee website.

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