Top 20 places to raise a family revealed!

Top 20 places to raise a family revealed!

InterNations, a networking group for expats, have asked expat families to rate the country they moved to in terms of the quality, cost and availability of childcare and education. From this research they have put together a top 20 list of the world’s top 20 countries to raise a family.

Austria, whose social system is very supportive of parents has been voted the best place to settle down, followed by the likes of Finland, Israel and Poland.

Finland, which won second place overall, received the best ratings for its quality of education, with 66 per cent finding the quality of education “very good”, compared to the global average of 21 percent.

Unfortunately, the UK didn’t quite make the top 20, and instead came in at 22nd place.

The full list, according to InterNations, is as follows;

  1. Austria

2. Finland

3. Sweden

4. Israel

5. New Zealand

6. Singapore

7. Germany

8. France

9. Australia

10. Luxembourg

11. Denmark

12. Spain

13. Poland

14. Philipines

15. Mexico

16. Canada

17. Norway

18. South Africa

19. Bahrain

20. Costa Rica

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