Top 5 Tips For Bonfire Night

I love bonfire night – the perfect excuse to set up a huge fire in your back garden without it being frowned upon!

Here are my top 5 tips for making sure bonfire night goes off with a bang…

1. Be sure to get the whole family wrapped up really warm! Debenhams have 20% off in their coat and boot event which includes mens, womens and kids. It’s also worth checking out Tesco clothing as they currently have £10 off when you spend £50 using code WINTERWARDROBE. 

2. You can’t beat the taste of a jacket potato on the bonfire. Simply wrap them in some tin foil and tuck them away nicely at the base of the fire. Leave for a couple of hours et voila!

3. Kids scared of the noise? You need to get them a pair of these ear defenders! I got them for my little one years ago and they were brilliant. Completely block out that awful sound whilst protecting little ears (you might even fancy some for yourself!)

4. Fireworks! You can pick up some fantastic fireworks in your local supermarket and rather than buying lots of little ones go for a huge ‘shot’ firework. These give off fantastic displays and in my opinion offer the best value for money.

5. Find your local firework display. Rather than spending a small fortune on fireworks, head on over to your local firework display. Be prepared with your own glow sticks for the kids so that you aren’t forced to spend £20 on a piece of plastic! 

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