Top 5 Ways For Mums To Make Money

Top 5 Ways For Mums To Make Money

There is no doubt that being a mother is a full-time job, but there are still some simple ways of making extra money without necessarily leaving your children to go to work.

If you are a stay at home Mum then why not consider some of these ventures. Not only are these ideas pretty straight forward, but they could also be fun too!

Make money hosting product parties

Are you passionate about hair or beauty products? Then you could make money from hosting your own product party. The Body Shop, AVON and Virgin V all welcome people willing to hold product parties at their home for all of their friends. For every item one of your friends buys, you will make a certain amount of commission. Another idea is to become an Avon lady. This is an especially good idea if you know quite a few people who already buy from the Avon. You’ll earn commission from anyone who buys from the catalogue.

Teach a skill

There is actually a high demand for private tutors. If you have a skill such as another language or can play an instrument, why not earn money teaching others? People are even crying out for tutors in the more obvious subjects such as maths or science. You can offer lessons from your own home or even over the internet using Skype these days. People will pay good money for your tutoring skills.

Be a clean freak

Do you love cleaning, washing and ironing? Well why not make some money from doing it for other people? People could be prepared to pay you up to £8 per load. You can sign up with an agency which will organise laundry to be delivered to your door and ultimately you’ll be getting paid for something you already do.

If you have a spare room or any spare space, make use of it

Do you have a spare room in your home going to waste? Think about making good use of it and turning it into a little business venture. There is a real demand for cheaper alternatives to hotels, so if you live in a desireable area and have a particularly stylish room to offer then this could be something you could market online on Do you have a spare parking space thta you don’t use? You could even make money from renting that out. CLICK HERE to read my guide on renting out your car parking space. 


Are you at home all day anyway looking after your own children? Well why not look after other peoples too. Obviously this job will only be suitable for you if you absolutely love children, but you can look after 6 children at a time if you are on your own and the amount you are paid will depend on their age. Contact your local authority to find out when and where there’s a childminding pre-registration briefing. This provides information on becoming a childminder and you’ll receive an application pack. Complete the application and post it back. You will need to undergo a DBS check.

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