My Top 7 Tips for School Uniform
School Uniform Money Saving Tips

My Top 7 Tips for School Uniform

Where is best for value or quality? Let me know your thoughts…

If your children are like mine then their school uniform is starting to look a little worse for wear and are starting to grow out of it. They have less than 2 month left at school for this term so it seems silly to splash out on new uniform but needs must…

I have put together some tips on how to save money and get the best value while keeping the children looking the best they can.

1. Cheap doesn’t always give you the best savings when it comes to uniform, sometimes paying a little extra for quality will see a much longer period of wear and save you more money than having to replace over shorter periods.

2. Supermarkets have some great package deals available and their quality is normally to a good standard. You can get 2 polo shirts, 2 sweatshirts and 2 pair trousers for under £13 at Asda. There is a good selection of colours to match most school requirements.

3. What to buy, this is what I usually buy…

  • 3 x Sweaters/ cardigans/ sweatshirts
  • 3 x Polo shirts/ shirts
  • 3 x Trousers/skirts
  • 5 x Socks
  • 1 x Pair school shoes
  • 1 x School coat

4. Footwear, Shoes? or Trainers? Well this can sometimes come down to how strict the school is, shoes will probably last longer but cost more. Now that you can get a decent pair of plain black trainers for under £10 in sports shops such as I think there is a real case for buying trainers which most children prefer.

5. Make sure you label everything, losing uniform is costly, I find myself constantly at the lost property area throughout the year retrieving garments that luckily I labeled :-).

6. Size! Don’t forget children grow at a rapid rate, so leave room for them to grow in to. If you find school uniform on offer or in a sale, it is a really good idea to buy it there and then, even if you don’t need to! Buy the uniform a size or 2 bigger and it will come in handy for the new school year.

7. Did you know that if your income is low then you may be entitled to help with funding your child’s school uniform. Visit or your local education authority to find out if you qualify.

Do you have any school uniform tips of your own? Let me know…


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