Top Money Saving Tips From You

We all love a few tips to save money, so I asked to hear your top tips…

These are my top money saving tips from you!

I had a money saving tip sent in from Jaimelynn and I loved it so I posted it onto my Facebook page, Ashleigh Money Saver, and asked everyone to get involved and share their favourite money saving tip. Here is what some of you said…

  • Top up gift cards by £2 each week and save them for presents for family and friends at Christmas – Jaimelynn
  • I use an E-savings account I got with my Lloyds account, its called ‘save the change’. Whenever i use my card they round it off and put it in my E-savings (eg. Petrol costs 19.98 the 2p get put into my savings) also if i log on and find i have an odd amount in the bank ( eg. 48.37 then i would take the 37p out and save it.) Its not much but since end of decemeber ive managed to save £35 up to now. Also a huge fan of asda cards few quid after weekly shop – Stephanie
  • Save money in 3 jars. One for copper, one for silver and one for gold – Katrina
  • When I do my Iceland shop, I put my change onto my Iceland card and that pays for the Christmas grocery shop – Charlotte
  • Save your 50p’s. I done this for my son and over 8-9 month I’d saved £450
  • I buy all my cards and christmas gift wrap in the sales, clintons will soon be doing their 75% off sale and everythings really cheap. I also put together hampers, not just food ones but baking hampers for the kids or a movie hamper as in the pic and it costs around a tenner (inc christmas dvd, microwave popcorn and pringles and malteasers from pound shop etc) but looks like it cost more and people appreciate the thought behind it smile emoticon – Natalie

hamper One of Natalie’s hampers.

  • I do hampers for older family members. Every week on the run up I buy bits, boxes of biscuits, chocs, xmas puds, smellies etc and then wrap them in a hamper! Usually only costs about £10/15 to do a good size one (3 for 2/discounts etc) and they love em! – Clare
  • My mum and I use our Morrisons Match & More cards everytime we shop and put fuel in and then collect the £5 vouchers for Xmas. This year and had £160 + double point vouchers and then £80 in savers stamps so didn’t have to budget for a big shop at Christmas – Kat
  • Number a pack of playing cards from 1-52, shuffle and pick a card a week…..that way you won’t get all the higher amounts in December. That’s what we’ve done and this first week we drew £15 so put £15 in a pot…..drawing a card every Friday and will save the £1378 that way – Jill
  • I get saver stamps from morrisons every time i shop. At xmas exchange them for vouchers, then give the vouchers to someone in need. Have been doing it for a few years and so worth it when you know how much difference it makes to someone Struggling . And in all honesty you don’t really miss £1 per week. – Debborah
  • I take a few hundred pound into town on Boxing Day, I got a few fragrance sets which were nearly £50 down to £23, a few little stocking fillers for the girls, Disney store had pyjamas, frozen toys that were £22 reduces to about £6.50, I put it all in the cupboard for next Christmas. I also buy kids clothes for like a year ahead when in the sale, primark and sainsburys are really good for this. – Jamie Leigh
  • I have a separate bank account and a standing order for every payday.
    It’s a card account and the card stays in a drawer until November, this means I can spend it where I want.
    I also buy in the sales and through the year – Stephanie
  • I bought 2 money pots today (the ones you smash) one for Christmas and the other to open ready for my 40th birthday in September. I also have a Asda savings card which will cover food and drink at Christmas – Amanda
  • I think the best Christmas saving tip I know of is when you have young children you can empty your purse etc out after shopping and whatever loose change you have give it to them for their money box. My son loves to put the money but doesn’t yet understand spending it. The good thing is that he doesn’t let me open it until he can’t fit any more in. On his last opening we had over 200 pounds in coins lower the £1. I put all the pound coins back in without counting as there was more than enough for what I was needing to buy – Tammy
  • Buy extra bits each week when you do your grocery shop – Joann
  • I put £1 a day away every year starting Jan 1st, my husband drinks glass bottles of coke, again starting jan 1st we put all our 5p’s in them. Usually by xmas we have about 6 of them filled – Diane
  • Clintons “pocket of dreams” money banks, their lovely little saving boxes that have to be smashed to open, if u fill with only £2 coins you have £1000 when its full – Lyndsay
  • I save up all year and instead of buying at Christmas I buy everything for the following Christmas in the January sales with the money I saved all year. Not only do I pay hardly anything for all the stuff but I also don’t have to go near the Christmas crowds and the middle end of jan I find is the best time for the most discounted items smile emoticon – Crystal 
  • I save morrisons stamps also put money on my Iceland card it’s a big help – Tom
  • If you see any bogof on food that you need anyway, get them and put the free one aside and give someone a hamper at Christmas – Darren
  • I have a big pot and at the end of the week I put all my change in cash in the pot and split the odd change between my saving account and my boys savings account and then when pot is full take to the bank split between accounts – Nikki
  • EBay joblot jewellary+buy joblot necklaces only cost few quid and its ten Xmas pressies at once lol plus nectar card points,save stamps ,hit sales and do park Xmas savings ,-sorted! – Donna
  • I start in roughly October for the following year too, my aim is to practically have all xmas presents bought by the end of March – Joann
  • I save all year with Park then that’s Xmas sorted when gift cards delivered beginning on Nov – Gemma
  • We have a credit union account. Money comes out same day as wages go in so don’t miss it – Michelle
  • I’m doing the jar challenge,u put 1p in on 1st jan,then 5p on fifth day u keep going till day 365 and u put £3.65 in .u will be amazed at what u have made – Kerry

Thank you for all your fantastic suggestions! I will keep adding more to them when I get a chance 🙂


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