Top places in Britain where you can afford your own home!

Top places in Britain where you can afford your own home!

A list has been released revealing the ten happiest AND most affordable places to live. We all know how much Londoners struggle to get on the property ladder with the highest housing prices in the country. But people don’t realise there are plenty of beautiful places around the country where people can own their own home comfortably and stay smiling!

The study was carried out by estate agents Hampton International and Johnny Morris head of research told the Daily Mail: ‘Life in the country, a good view and not too many neighbours seem to be some of the secrets to happiness.’

Cumbria, the southern edge of the Lake District, is home to two of the top three happiest and affordable areas.

In Allerdale, a two-bed house costs just £90,000, while a similar property in Copeland goes for £79,000.

It seems as though those of us who live in beautifully scenic areas of the countryside are the happiest, these places seem to be the most affordable too.

Here are the top ten places: 

  1. Allerdale – buy a two-bed house for £90,000
  2. Ribble Valley – £134,000
  3. Copeland – £79,000
  4. Staffordshire Moorlands – £115,000
  5. Stockton-On-Tees – £89,000
  6. North Lincolnshire – £92,000
  7. Darlington – £79,000
  8. East Cambridgeshire – £173,000
  9. Stafford – £121,000
  10. Eilean Siar – £109,500

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