Top Ten Tips For Saving Money At Easter

Top Ten Tips For Saving Money At Easter

 Put On An Egg Hunt

 –       Rather than buying the kids a big Easter egg each this year, save money by buying a big bag of smaller eggs. Hide them all around your garden and create your own Easter egg hunt, the kids will love it!

 Buy In Bulk

 –       Buy your chocolate eggs in bulk! Tesco’s have a great deal on at the moment and if you buy two medium eggs priced at £1.50 each, then you can get two free! So altogether you can get four eggs for just £3. Stock up while you can!

 Sign Up To Checkout Smart

 –       For an even bigger saving download the Checkout Smart App and sign up for free. Upload your Tesco receipt and they will redeem the £3.00 cost of your eggs. This only works for new customers so if you’re already signed up, why not get your other half involved in the savings.


Save Up To £15 On Personalised Eggs

 –       Thornton’s have some great offers on their personalised Easter eggs if you want to make your egg that little bit more special. You can get 5 of their 280g personalised ones, which are usually £7 each, for just £20. You’ll make a good saving of £15. They also have many other Easter offers in store at the moment, which are worth checking out.


 Look For Free Fun Days Out

 –       Don’t splash the cash on big days out with the kids this Easter. Local libraries and garden or community centres often host fun Easter eggs hunts for the kids with lots of other fun activities going on. Have a look online to see what free events are taking place near you this Easter.



 Wait Until The Last Minute

 –       f you can, hold off buying anything until Saturday afternoon. Supermarkets always over-stock on seasonal goods and will offer huge discounts at the last minute. These normally kick sound 4pm on Easter Saturday, but the longer you wait the more you will save. Oh, and by 5pm those eggs will be less than half price!

 Substitute Chocolate Eggs For Real Ones

 –       As a fun activity for the children, why not make a batch of hard-boiled eggs that they can paint and decorate themselves. It will keep them entertained for hours and they will get much more pleasure out of this than they would eating chocolate eggs. Poundland do some great egg painting kits, which are great value for £1.00.


Make Homemade Treats

 –       If kitchen based activities are more your thing you can bake some Easter goodies with the kids. Cornflake nests are very easy to make and are Easter themed with the addition of mini eggs. Instead of rushing out to buy Easter goodies, have a go at making some yourself. Rice crispy and cornflake cakes work the best because they are easy enough for the kids to help out with. Stick some Easter decorations on once they are complete to really finish off the cakes.

Three fluffy Easter Chicks

Buy An Easter Egg Hunt Kit For Just £1!

 –       The works are selling an Easter egg hunt kit for just £1, which includes everything you’ll need to host your very own egg hunt. The pack includes four masks, four baskets, six pointers and sixteen card Easter eggs. Everything you need to host your very own egg hunt in the garden.

 Get Creative

 –       Easter bonnets are another classic that are fun for children to make and can help save you pennies. You can either make a basic hat from cardboard or use a readymade hat if you have one spare! Decorate the bonnet using handmade flowers, pictures cut out of magazines or printed off the computer, ribbon and stickers. The bonnet can then be worn for Easter egg hunts or other Easter themed activities.

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