Top Winter Essentials To Get You Through The Beast From The East

With much of the UK being hit by a tremendous week of freezing temperatures and mountains of snow as the beast from the east sweeps the country, it might be a good idea to arm yourself with some winter essentials to help you combat the cold! Check out our winter must-have’s below…

To Keep You Warm & Dry

When it’s this cold, it’s essential that you have suitable outerwear to keep you feeling warm and dry when you venture out. So cosy coats, waterproof wellies, and bobble hats are definite must-haves!

Funky Footwear


Tesco F&F have a great range of wellies for the whole family, that will keep toes warm and dry on walks to school, when fetching provisions from the shops, and while sledging too! These Hunter ones are sure to last you for years to come and they’re at a £35 discount too!


Tesco F&F kids wellies are at such fantastic prices and you can snap up a pair like these ones for less than £10! They won’t want to take these ones off, because who doesn’t love a pair of crocodile wellies?

Cosy Coats

You’ll most definitely need a warm coat to see you through this cold weather, and this Jigsaw puffa coat with hood and pocket detail is sure to keep you cosy in these freezing temperatures! You can enjoy an extra 10% off the brands sale coats and knitwear at the moment too!

Use code: SNOW10


Hitting the slopes with the kids

You have to admit, we don’t get snow like this often, and with the kids off school, it’s the perfect opportunity to get out and have some fun by hitting you local slopes (hills)!

£9.99 each

These toboggan sledges are heavy duty, will be great for sliding down the steepest of hills, and they’ll be tough enough for you to have a turn too (because lets face it we’re all kids at heart)! What’s even better is that they’re a bargain at under a tenner, so you could even buy a couple and have races with the kids too! The little ones are sure to have hours of fun with one of these sledges. They include a string too so you can pull them back home when they’re tired too.

For the commute

Unfortunately, sometimes going to work or having to pop out in the car is unavoidable, so here are the tools you need to help you stay as safe as possible, and make your preparation/ journey a little easier.


The first job is digging your way out and creating walk ways, and this snow shovel is the perfect tool to help you do it quickly and with ease. It’s such a bargain at the moment too!


A good window scraper is absolutely essential for cold weather, and this one complete with squeegee will help you clear your car windows so you can drive away with the best possible vision.


This emergency breakdown kit is great for when you have an unavoidable journey to make. It will give you a little peace of mind having it if you do break down. It includes a tow rope, booster cables, warning triangle, foot pump, torch, and cotton gloves. It will help you to stay more visible and will help you get going if you get stranded.


Don’t forget a cosy blanket (and maybe a few snacks) incase you get stranded! You want to make sure you’re as warm as possible.

Keep Those Pesky Heating Bills From Rising

When it’s freezing outside, there’s nothing you want to do more than just snuggle up cosy and warm with a hot chocolate and box set, though this does mean you might find yourself with the heating on full blast which =a rise in heating bills! So here are a couple of ways to target the cold to save on forking out more for having your heating on constant.


It’s surprising how much warmer a good quality winter duvet is, and if it’s really chilly, why not watch TV in bed under one of these winter ones or snuggle up on the sofa underneath it instead. It’s sure to save a few pennies and keep you toasty warm!


Hugging a hot water bottle, or putting one in your bed to warm it up before you climb in is a great way to keep you cosy! They will provide you with warmth that will last hours, and if you invest in one or two to surround yourself with, you won’t be reaching for the thermostat as much!

It may seem obvious, but one of the best ways to stay warm is to layer up with pyjama’s and comfy cosies! Knitwear, dressing gowns, and hoodies are all great options! Right now Jack Wills have a fabulous £20 off their coats, knitwear and sweats, so if you want to feel warm and look stylish at the same time, they’ve got you sorted!

Offer begins 1st March.

Cold Weather Payments

Finally, if you really are freezing cold and have to have the heating on, you can check if you are entitled to Cold Weather Payments! Some people who are entitled to certain benefits including; pension credit, income support, income-based jobseekers allowance, support allowance, and universal credit may be eligible to money if the weather in their area is below 0 degrees for 7 days running.

The scheme runs up until the 31st of march, and if you’re eligible, you could be entitled to a £25 payment.

You can enter your postcode and check your eligibility HERE.

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