Total Wipeout Scam Facebook Pages

Total Wipeout scam Facebook pages are VERY popular right now

You will have probably have seen them doing the round

Total Wipeout is a very popular BBC programme where contestants have to complete crazy obstacles in a record time and the event is coming to a town near you… or is it?

The event information says…

The biggest Total Wipeout Tour is coming to Durham!

Join the event for info and full listings!

Have you ever wanted to take part in a series of challenges like you may have seen on Total Wipeout, but never wanted to do it on TV, or think that you would not be able to even complete the first challenge? Well now is your chance to attempt it, without the pressure, and to just have fun.

Have fun with your friends and meet new people!

This will be an event you will not want to miss!

Venue & Date: To Be announced

This has no ties with the BBC or Total Wipeout

So how is this a scam?

”This has no ties with the BBC or Total Wipeout” major give away 


The same scam happened last year.

The BBC have confirmed this is nothing to do with themselves or Total Wipeout.

Once a high number of people expressed their interest in this event, the scammers who made the group then put out ‘application forms’ to register your interest. 

Once you filled in this application form, the scammers then had you details and were free to use them as they pleased!

Please pass this on to as many people as possible to warn them and keep them safe.

The only place you can sign up for total wipe out is this website – however they currently are not looking for contestants.


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