Toys R Us Autism & Additional Needs Shopping Event
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Toys R Us Autism & Additional needs shopping event is back.

On Sunday 29th March 2015 you will find this event in all stores at the following times…

  • England and Wales 9am – 11am
  • Scotland 8am – 10am
  • Northern Ireland 11am – 1pm

Toys R Us promises ‘reduced fluorescent lighting, no loud music or tannoy announcements’

All staff will have been provided with some parent led autism awareness training. 

They also invite everyone to just come along to browse and play!

Staff will make sure there is quick efficient access to tills for payment or offer to hold trolleys until an appropriate time if you wish to pop out and return to pay. Because of Sunday trading laws, no sales are to be made before 10am so the holding of your trolley may be a good option if your child struggles with patience of waiting.

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