Toys R Us Autism & Additional Needs Shopping Event

Toys R Us Autism & Additional needs shopping event is back.

On the morning of Sunday 6th November you will find the quiet hour in Toys R Us stores across the UK.

Toys R Us promises ‘reduced fluorescent lighting, no loud music or tannoy announcements’

All staff will have been provided with some parent led autism awareness training. 

They also invite everyone to just come along to browse and play!

The stores will open one hour prior to official store opening times. Due to Sunday Trading legislation, Toys ‘R’ Us stores in England, Northern Ireland and Wales are unable to perform any sales transactions, process any Direct purchases or complete any returns until the official store opening time at 11am.

This may cause concerns to some families whose children may struggle with the patience of waiting between choosing their items and being able to pay for them due to Sunday Trading laws.

Any parents, who wish to return later that morning to pay for shopping, will be offered this opportunity.

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