Toys R Us Have Released Roblox Toys

Toys R Us Have Released Roblox Toys

If your children are like mine and are obsessed with Roblox, they will love this news. 

The game dubbed ‘the new Minecraft’, Roblox, have their own line up of toys, and kids are going crazy for them. The Toys were released earlier this year.

The toys have a resemblance to the Lego figures, in that they are of similar height, they have similar hand design. This means that they can hold onto things.

The game, even though it is older, is being called the new Minecraft. The game was released in 2006 on PC and Mac. After several years and millions of users joining the game, they had the ability to release the game on mobile devices, Including IOS in 2011 and Android later.

The growing success of the game meant that the game was released on XBOX ONE in 2015 and then PlayStation 4 in 2016. There are more than 40 million active users now playing the game.

The toys mean that your children can enjoy their favourite video game character without playing on electronics all the time. They can be creative and imagine their own stories playing with physical toys.

The toys have been released in Toy R Us and there is much on offer.

You can get the ‘Roblox Mystery Figure Pack‘. In this pack, you don’t know what character you are getting, but there are 40 to collect. So, it is unlikely to get many of the same figures. Other toys on offer are ‘Mr Bling Bling‘, Lord Umberhallow and ‘Matt Dusek‘ characters and more.

Head to Toys R Us now to check out the full range of Roblox toys…

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